A long time ago, I graduated from college.  I have no idea how much I weighed, but a stressful senior year and an aversion to the student union’s food had limited my diet to plates of pasta and french fries.  I’m pretty sure I was somewhere around 175 pounds.  That was far too much for my 5’6″ frame, even with the hips my family genetics so graciously gave me.

Fortunately for me, I had a great new roommate after graduation.  We slowly started to eat better, started working out together at the gym, and the pounds started coming off.  I realized that I was feeling better, and that spurred me. I started running; then I stopped running after overtraining and muscular imbalances caused all sorts of havoc with my knees.  With an encouraging work environment, I managed to drop about 30, nearly 35 pounds.  After wearing a 14/16, I was at a size 8 and nearly to a size 6.

Then, I started law school.  I kept the weight off for about half the year.  Then, all hell broke loose: family members died, the job search stressed me out, and suddenly I was ten pounds heavier. 

This blog is about my way back towards health and fitness.  I have high cholesterol and a family disposition towards diabetes, so this isn’t only about looking good in a bikini.  It’s about the creation of a lifestyle that I hope I will follow for the rest of my life.