If you listen to the people at running stores, and I do, you need to get the right shoes. If you don’t, you will languish away in the waiting room of your physical therapist’s office. If your feet fit the “normal” shoes (aka neutral), you probably won’t have any problems. If not, get ready for some physio exercises…or maybe just look into getting your gait analyzed.

One of the saddest moments during your first visit to the running store will happen if you previously chose your shoes based on cuteness. Yes, fit WAS a factor, but if there was a cute pink & gray combo, you were totally going to get those, weren’t you? Once your gait is analyzed though, you’ll be relegated to “stability”, “neutral” or “motion control.” You will gaze longingly at the cute shoes located in the off-limits rack next to your less attractive but gait-appropriate new sneakers.

A new company has devised a way around this. Somnio Running (www.somniorunning.com) fits your shoe to your feet after analyzing your arch height and puts an insert in that is supposed to customize each shoe. (At least, that’s what I learned during my perusal of their website.) I desperately want to try them despite the expense, but no dealers are offering their shoes right now in my area. BOO!  Obviously it is time to start peppering my local running store with requests.