I apologize, you probably have that song in your head now. It will echo around for a while, I know. At least it’s not the “werewolf bar mitzvah” song from 30 Rock, right?

I’m still here, plugging away, trying out new cardio classes, new instructors, new recipes. I’m just doing a crappy job of documenting all these things!  Life never happens in a predictable manner, and just remembering to grab my camera on the way from my room to the kitchen has been nearly impossible these days. It was a miracle that I made it through this summer with most of my brain cells intact.

But I am still hopeful that I’m going to settle into new, healthier, bloggier (it’s a word here in the ‘sphere because I say so) patterns in the next few months. If anyone out there stumbles onto this, hi! I have a request. I did something for a stranger a few days ago, made her smile, and she said that it changed her entire day, which apparently hadn’t been so good until then. It was a ridiculously small thing, you guys. But it made me feel good, so I am encouraging everyone out there to do some small thing for someone else.  If you’re in a dorm, don’t dump that person’s laundry out onto the floor.** If you’re at work, go smile at someone, offer him/her a cup of cocoa, you get the picture.


** This is the most easily fixed problem in the world. Get your RAs to buy a magnetic board, then everyone gets a magnet with their name/room # on it. Stick your magnet on the machine you’re using. That way, people can go knock on your door if you forget your laundry–or even call it.