And it’s affecting my desire to work out indoors. Isn’t that bizarre?  I made the mistake of wearing my gym shoes today, thinking, “Hey, one less thing to carry!” Thanks to the downpour earlier, my gym shoes are a bit damp. It would be so easy to just go home instead of the gym tonight.  I’m still not sure where I stand right now…

I had leftover veggie stew for lunch today, and I’m trying yet another new bar: Balance PURE fruit and nut bar.  I have the chocolate-cashew flavor. The ingredients are much better than the peanut butter & chocolate Kashi bar I had a few weeks ago.  There are only 16g of sugar compared to Kashi’s 33g!  Obviously, the less sugars the better!  The flavor isn’t bad, and it doesn’t taste nearly as sugary.  We’ll see how satiated it keeps me.

And I’m still debating going to my group class tonight.  Damn my lack of commitment!