I’m too lazy to put up the link–but just type “Moroccan chickpea” in CookingLight’s search engine and you’ll see the recipe pop up.  Review: all in all, pretty tasty, but I expected it to be a lot less soupy than it was.  Maybe I didn’t put in enough veggies (highly doubtful) or maybe I should use less broth or drain the tomatoes a little… It’s not a spectacular dish, but you could up the interest by taking out fewer of the jalapeno seeds than I did. Then you’d have a firey hot party in your mouth!

I am on track to work out four days in a row this week; Friday is looking a bit uncertain because of my evening plans.  Tonight’s workout came about because I started reading Fit Bottomed Girls (I’ll edit this later to add the link) and read that Jillian Michaels has new DVDs coming out!  The really great news was that both the DVDs are available FREE on demand from ExerciseTV for Comcast subscribers!

Can you guess what I immediately did after class today?

If you guessed that I did the workout, you’re wrong!  (I made dinner first. My stomach always comes first when it is making such big demands!) But after my food settled, I tried it and was reminded that Jillian Michaels is an ass-kicker.  I did not finish the whole thing because I have a quad-killing cardio workout in store tomorrow, but man, did it feel good to be doing lots of strength work again!  I think that I am going to replace the Self Challenge Month 1 strength workout to visits to my OnDemand menu.

I’ll try and remember to talk a bit more about the workout tomorrow. For now, I am TIRED. Zzzz.