That’s right, I have moved beyond LARABAR to try out different brands.  Today’s test: Kashi GoLean Chewy protein & fiber bar’s chocolate & peanut butter. 

At opening: This wrapper seems to be substantially larger than the bar itself.  Kashi, why so much extra space?

First bite: Mmm. Sugar! I love sugar.

Fifth bite: How many calories are in this thing?  It seems much sweeter than I would expect given all the protein and fiber that is supposed to be in there.

About to take sixth bite, looks at nutritional info: 290 calories? Say WHAT?  I know that my LARABARs are 210, but at least it’s filled with fruit and nuts.  31 grams of sugar? 13 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber hardly seem worth it.

30 minutes later:  Well, at least it’s tasty.  I do love chocolate and peanut butter.  And…sugar coma…zzzzzz.

Summary: It’s probably healthier than several of the protein bars out there, but there are healthier ones available with much less sugar.  It has the chewy texture that I like, but I don’t particularly care for super-sugary treats.

Up soon: Balance bars and a “caramel nut brownie” Luna Bar.

There are a lot of snack bars that I am dying to try but cannot find at my local store.  It might be time to go to the “upscale” grocery store, which I try to avoid because I go a little batty each time I go. And by batty, I mean that I hand over the contents of my wallet to the checker.