The Pacific NW is capricious; I woke up to darkness, then there was a blue sky with lovely, lovely sunlight, and then BAM! We are back to cloudy skies.  I was really happy that it was sunny today; it has been a while since we’re had a lot of sun.

It feels like school has accelerated faster than anticipated, and I am now being pulled along by its momentum.  Actually, the correct image is of grad school bumping along down the road, dragging me along with it.  I am exhausted.

I am having difficulty buying the correct amount of food for the week.  One of two scenarios happens: I end up returning to the grocery store over and over because I just don’t have enough food, or I have to toss out what was once perfectly good food that I did not have time to eat.  It’s frustrating, and I don’t know how to fix it!