I have been on a mission to find a decent ballet conditioning DVD, and this week’s has been the best that I’ve found yet!  It is Element: Ballet Conditioning.  I did ballet as a child, and rather like jumping rope, ballet is much more difficult as an adult!  A small amount of ballet experience would serve you well when following this DVD, but if you don’t have experience, don’t worry too much.  She doesn’t stray from 1st position most of the time.

Ballet requires simultaneous strength and flexibility, much like yoga.  Unlike yoga, I think that ballet conditioning better fits the DVD format.  It’s impossible to see the tv screen from downward dog, but you can definitely see the instructor while doing plies and releves! (I’m too lazy to put the accents in, apologies to my high school french teacher.) 

Because I work in an office, I find that my hips are tight from sitting all the time.  Ballet requires a range of motion most of us don’t use in everyday life.  It is also coupled with a focus on posture.  I think most people could benefit from working on both, so I highly recommend giving ballet a try!

I am almost out of food and I have a ton of errands to run.  It was a busy week, and this weekend is just the same.  I started looking for new recipes this morning and then realized, why not revisit some old ones?  I think that I am going to look at my food journal from this summer and see about whipping up something I liked from then…