Have you seen Workout on Bravo?  The show can be extremely silly, but I do like the parts when they show the trainers actually working.  Like the Girls Next Door, I often get a boost of inspiration when watching it (looking good in a bikini isn’t the only reason I want to be fit, but it’s definitely on the list!).

Yesterday, I tried Jackie Warner’s workout dvd.  The dvd has 3 twenty-minute sessions on it; I did the upper and lower body workouts.  There is an abs/core workout that I have yet to try.  Jackie and several of her trainers do a warm-up during each 20 minute session, and then she works one-on-one with each trainer for about 3 strength exercises followed by 1 minute of cardio.  It is a high repetition workout; you do most of the strength exercises for a full minute.

I liked that she offered a full upper body workout.  I feel like a lot of workout DVDs are targeted towards women and focus more on the lower body.  The workout was challenging; since I haven’t worked out much lately, I did not add weights to the lunges and squats, and I think that I will be sore tonight and tomorrow anyway. 

The DVD was fast paced, gives modifications, and had my heart rate up and down during the 40 minutes I used it. According to my heart rate monitor, I burned around 350 calories.  I think it’s a pretty great DVD; it’s definitely something you could have on hand for those days when you just don’t want to hoof it to the gym.