Finals are going to be over soon, and with their imminent demise I plan to do some liver-threatening activities.  It has been a hell of a semester and I am ready to tie one on. Yes, really.  It has been that bad.  I want a margarita,

I also am in love with Lara Bars. It almost seems impossible that something raw and vegan can taste so good, but I love their texture–not crunchy, not hard–and they’re not sugary. I hate hate hate sugary snack bars!  If I want a candy bar, snack companies, I will BUY a candy bar. No, really, I swear.

I weighed myself this morning: 153.4 lbs.  Thanksgiving didn’t scuttle me completely, but it wasn’t exactly a happy number, either.

The goal is to get back to the level I was at when law school started: I was thinner, obviously, but I was much, much healthier.  I was eating better, had a ton more energy, and was generally much more fun. So there you go–weeks ahead of New Year’s, I have my resolution: rewind the clock! It’s going to be 2006 again!