I worked out today!

It had been a while; I’m a little nervous to see if I am sore tomorrow or not.  But it felt good, if a little difficult, to be moving again.  Today’s workout was from Women’s Health The Wedding Workout dvd–no, I am not engaged. But the point of the dvd is to get ready for any big event in one’s life, and I have several coming up.

The dvd review:

One of the things I like best about many of the Women’s Health dvds is that they’re customizable and include more than one workout!  This dvd allows you to customize by picking your own workouts (lower body, cardio, etc etc) or by using preprogrammed workouts.  In this case, you choose what goal you’re looking for: a strapless dress or a short skirt.  Based on this selection, the dvd gives you a week’s worth of workouts.  I went with the “short skirt” selection today, and did the lower body/power cardio combo for Monday.  It was a pretty good workout lasting about 30+ minutes.  It wasn’t too tough: the lunges and squats had interesting combinations but didn’t require additional weight.