That is the question I ask of school, and really, there haven’t been any acceptable answers lately.  It’s a huge source of stress and very little joy.  There are no glad tidings from law school this semester, I am sad to say. Boo!  I am enjoying using to organize my schoolwork and other projects lately, but unfortunately more and more little checkboxes keep popping up to replace the ones I manage to check off!  It’s evil.

Today I had an extremely late, unhealthy breakfast with a friend.  I didn’t eat again until 6:30pm, which I feel ok with because 1) I just wasn’t hungry and 2) it was a lot of fatty food.  I know you’re supposed to eat small regular meals, but sometimes that just isn’t going to happen.

I bought gum with the express purpose of chewing it during Thanksgiving food prep.  I have been constantly searching for and revising my menu options for my favorite holiday–it’s the usual battle with myself: healthy, or holiday decadent??  I mean, it’s a holiday and others will be there (decadent) but it’s also a day that creates tons of leftovers I’ll be eating for a week (healthy).  Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean I have to gain 5 pounds or eat tons of sugar (healthy), but I don’t often eat this way (decadent).  See what I mean?  And my regular visits to the Food Network website don’t exactly help!

I have been feeling ill for almost the entire month now, and thus I am “off my feed” as my family members who farm would say.  I also am off my workout schedule in a bad way, so my weight has been holding steady. My muscle has left for greener, leaner pastures, though.  I just keep promising myself healthier, happier days that are not filled with textbooks and career dilemmas.  It’s all very Christmasy-hopeful around here; “Yes, Virginia, you will join a great gym again one day!”

I thought about it the other day, and I have been slacking on the blog this year.  I really want to make it work, though, and I think that the end of grad school will be a major push in the right direction.  It’s easier to take photos of your food when you’re alone in your office, not in a student lounge.  I’m going to use my little friend todoist to try and get back into daily posts.  We’ll see if it works–and if it gets my sick, stressed out booty back to regular workouts.