Apparently I learned the “sit still and don’t fidget” lesson too well.  I read an article on Women’s Health that said that thinner people tend to move around more than their heavier colleagues.  I immediately begin twisting around in my seat, tapping my toes, and basically acting like a moron.  Of course, once I turned my attention back to studying, I became still once again.  Damn you, Mom!  This is her fault for praising me so much for being quiet and still when we were at parties, stores, etc. 

What was also interesting about the article was its discussion of dieting.  The scientists suggested that jumping into a diet is counterproductive because your body will freak out and lower your metabolic rate (paraphrasing here).  If you’re one of those people who adopt diets on a Monday, you’re going to get discouraged quickly.  Instead, the article suggests, you should cut back slowly, making sure to exercise as you do.  The exercise will inflate your metabolic rate: basically, it will push your rate back up as your body tries to pull it down to conserve energy.  So go lift some weights, walk, skip, whatever.

Today’s breakfast was pumpkin oatmeal with a teaspoon of pumpkin butter stirred in, some ground flaxseed and walnuts.  Mmm. I am very full right now, and I am hoping that I can somehow make it without lunch today. (Yes, I didn’t plan my lunch–my organizational skills have deteriorated over the past year.)