I went to a restaurant, the name of which I will not disclose, and had the tastiest cider ever. Outside the restaurant, it was just a bit chilly, the leaves were bright yellow and red, and it just seemed so appropriate to be drinking cider.  I could get behind daily cider-drinking.

I was in a town I do not often visit, but that might be enough to bring me back.  The salad (with apples and goat cheese) wasn’t anything to write home about, but the ricotta gnocchi were tasty, pillowy, and perfect for their combo with fall veggies.  Mmm. 

In other news, I love spinning!  It’s a new love, so we’ll see if it turns into a lasting relationship.  We might have an argument or two in the near future about how sore I am in the “saddle” area, though. I don’t know if that’s a relationship-ending sort of situation.

My entries are all over the place lately, but I’m trying to take small steps towards regular, detailed updates.  I’m hoping that I do better this way!