As seen on one of my favorite healthy lifestyle/food blogs, it is National Love  Your Body Day, sponsored by the National Organization for Women. (I love you, NOW.)  I plan to work out this evening no matter how tired I am because there is no better time to appreciate your body than after see what it is capable of. Yes, I know that is grammatically incorrect.

I had pear oatmeal this morning in a mad rush but it was, as always, peary terrific. Har har har.  I know you want to slap me right now for that.

I did another step in the 5k training program yesterday morning.  I have a class on closing arguments this week, which is sucking up so much more time than I thought!  So few credits, so much work.

My father is living in what may end up as a battleground state, so I just spent far too much time writing an email listing all the horrible things about Obama that are not true.  (There’s this crazy guy who files lawsuits as a hobby who started a whisper campaign that Obama is a terrorist and a “secret” Muslim, things that are patently false. Not that being a Muslim is a bad thing, but the terrorist stuff?  Horrible to say about someone.)  Let’s hope it works!  Go Obama!