Based on what I heard today, the meltdown might melt something besides investment accounts: it might melt away some fat.  A friend of mine told me that she and her husband are putting themselves on a money diet that might translate into an actual diet for him.  He has been reluctant in recent years to give up going out for lunch; in fact, he was spending nearly $100 a week on food!  (I think he must be including coffee and breakfast in that total, because DAAAAAAMN.)  Now, he has set himself a budget of about half that.  If his plan is to replace restaurant meals with lunches from home, he will definitely lose a few pounds over the next few months.

Unfortunately for me, restaurant meals are not the problem.  I manage to go out to eat, oh, about once every two weeks.  I might go out five times in one month if a lot is going on.  My challenges are all start and end with my snacking once I get home at night, and the simultaneous urge to go take a nap instead of work out. 

This summer, I was able to get up early and go work out because it was relatively warm and dawn came early.  Unfortunately, wintertime Seattle is much less conducive to morning (or evening!) workouts.  Dusk arrives around 4:30pm, and the nearby trail is not well-lit. 

We haven’t even reached that point yet–it’s still light outside at 5:30pm–and I’m already slipping into hibernation mode.  After this week, I wanted nothing to do with the treadmill.  I didn’t even want to go to the store to buy some carrots and green peppers, even though they sounded really good.  Instead, I came home and resorted to a frozen meal.  (It wasn’t even a meal–it was the Safeway Eating Right brand’s newest effort: a LeanPocket-like sandwich. It is not their best effort.)  Then, I watched some tv and started feeling somewhat sick to my stomach.  Apparently the week’s stress is catching up to me.

I think that the best course of action is to forgive myself for being tired, take a Pepto tablet, and take a nap.  If I feel better, I can always hit the treadmill.  If not, I can turn the nap into a good night’s sleep and start off tomorrow fresh and relaxed.