Hi there!

I don’t know about you, but I have been busy.  I have been reading a lot, working a lot, I had a migraine (boo) and I’ve been doing boot camp again.  That means I have been going to bed at about the same time other people eat dinner.

Let the reviews begin!  I read two books by Gina Kolata, the science writer for the NY Times.  The first was Rethinking Thin:  The New Science of Weight Loss and the Myths and Realities of Weight Loss.  In it, Kolata follows a group of people who signed up for a study comparing a low-calorie and an Atkins (this was back during the height of the fad) diet.  She also discusses whether diet studies are effective.  She ends up concluding that, without spending almost all your energy, time, and attention, it is almost impossible to change your weight outside a genetically predetermined range.  That range may vary to unknown extremes.

The second book, Ultimate Fitness: the Quest for Truth about Health and Exercise discusses–obviously–exercise.  Kolata is an avid exerciser, and she tries to find the holy grail of exercise: what IS the best way to exercise? To train?  Both books were interesting reads, and the second definitely confirmed for me that the whole “fat-burning zone” is a bunch of hooey.

I also tried a new dvd recently, Women’s Health Ultimate Fat Burn.  It was ok, not fantastic. There were a few really effective exercises–my inner thighs hurt after the instructor did a variation of plie squats in which you roll from side to side.

I just received my new issue of Self today, and I also bought Cooking Light.  I really want some new recipes to try.

Right now, I can’t decide if I should stay here or head over to check out this new shop in Queen Anne I heard about, Pink Ginger.  It’s really warm out today, so it seems smart to go outside and enjoy the warm weather!  I also need to go pick some blackberries as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend!