I was wearing a new dress I picked up at Target yesterday, and one of my friends said, “I saw that dress on the Today show!” Apparently, they used it to demonstrate an ombre tie-dye craft.  The dress is white, but they dyed it in shades of purple.  Purple is my FAVORITE.

If you want to see it, watch this and go to the 3:00 minute mark. 

Today, I was really sore at boot camp.  But then we got started, and I pushed myself pretty hard.  If anyone out there wants to do a Seattle boot camp at Greenlake or Alki Beach in a few weeks, I am planning to sign back up.  If you are interested, let me know!  If I get someone to sign up for ANY of the classes (5:45am, 7am, or 6pm), I get $25 off my fee.  I’ll split it with you!