Dear Big-Deal Movie Producers,

WTF? The movie PLOT was interesting, but your execution? Sloppy.

That said, thanks for casting Edgar Ramirez in the film.  Like so many of the other assassins cast in the Bourne trilogy, he is hot. And according to IMDB, multilingual!  Mmm. 

Don’t believe me?  Go to his IMDB page.

Is it possible to eat too many fruits and vegetables?  Today, I had pumpkin oatmeal (veggie #1: canned pumpkin), then a spinach salad with red onion and mandarin oranges (fruit #1, veggies #2 and 3), lime biryani (veggies #4, 5, and 6), some grapes (fruit #2) and some cantaloupe (fruit #3).  

I was feeling tired so I picked up some sushi at the grocery store; unlike Metropolitan Market, Safeway doesn’t have a great variety. 😦 All of them have mayo.  I just picked the one that has the least and didn’t stress too much about it.

And now I really want to go to sleep very, very early.