I should be ashamed, I know. But at one point on Friday night, I had a beer in one hand and a vodka tonic in the other.  I know, I know, alcohol is the devil!  Shush.  It was fun. And no, you don’t get to see the photos.  You don’t need to be jealous of me, you know?

I’m more than halfway done with my boot camp session!  Today I tried some light jogging at boot camp, and I think that my knee is holding up alright.  I carted my ice pack out to Greenlake with me, and left it in the car in my insulated lunch box.  It was there, frosty and waiting, when I finished class. I drove home with a icy thigh–it was the only way to fit in some quality icing time with my hectic morning routine.

On the menu for this week: a spinach, red onion and mandarin orange salad, and the lime biryani I first made early last month. I apparently didn’t plan any farther than that, which confuses me based on the amount I paid at the grocery store on Saturday.  (Really, it’s RIDICULOUS.) (Then again, I did buy grapes, Rainier cherries, spinach, red onion, 3 limes, and a mini frozen pizza in case of emergency. Argh.)

I’m pretty damn tired today.  I’m also relatively sure my cranky mood did NOT impress the law firm members, but what can I do?  Alas, law school has not taught me the fine craft of time machine building!  If only I could go back in time and steal the distributor cap off the obnoxiously loud truck that idled at shocking volume last night for an equally shocking amount of time, stealing my will to live as well as my slumber!  If my window didn’t have screens on it, the people who walk by having incredibly loud conversations at midnight would be getting unpleasant surprises from above.  I would buy water balloons for the first time in over a decade–oh wait, there was that time in college–and fill them with honey. Talk about THAT under my window, bitches!

Yep, definitely cranky. Hope that you all had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!