My yoga mat, still soaking wet & muddy 14 hours later
My yoga mat, still soaking wet & muddy 14 hours later

Seattle is insane.  Last night and today, we had THUNDERSTORMS. Yeah.  My family in the Midwest would say, “And….so what?” Well, what is up is that this NEVER HAPPENS.

And, oh wait, it happened DURING BOOT CAMP.  For your viewing pleasure, just a little of the aftermath.

To the left, we have my poor yoga mat. Before today, it was just a little dusty. Now it is completely covered in mud. I too was covered in mud, but since I stripped down in my kitchen and ran for a warm shower, there is no photographic evidence of that.

However, there IS photographic evidence of the destruction waged upon my poor running shoes.

Muddy days = more business for Brooks

I’m a little sore from this week. I am seeing more muscle tone in several places even though I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. I finally got around to measuring myself, and I’m going to add that info to CalorieKing this evening so I can compare after the last 2 weeks.

Here are some photos of food prep from this week, including the veggie polenta bake I made from Eating Well’s Healthy in a Hurry cookbook. I’ve been eating this for lunch all week, and I’m a little tired of eggplant. I don’t know why I always make things with eggplant as it’s not always my favorite.

Eggplant & zucchini, ready for cheese & polenta! MMMMMMM cheese.

If anyone wants the recipe, I’ll type it out for you.  If you buy me a pony and promise to be my best friend. Just kidding! I only want the pony.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, EVERYONE!  I’m turning in early as the rain has made for perfect sleeping weather. Be safe & have fun tomorrow!