But I made them anyway, and they look delicious!  I don’t know if they are because I’m trying not to eat them.  They’re going to cool a bit, and then I’m going to send them off to my roommate.  I also have an appointment to have my brows waxed–ah, beauty, how you make us suffer–and I might go run by the farmers’ market on the way back.

Best chocolate chip cookies ever. I am awesome.

Best chocolate chip cookies ever. I am awesome.


I started this and then had to leave.  Today, I managed to go get the cheapest gas in town, get my brows waxed, run by the library, mail a package to my roommate after making her a copy of my latest workout mix, and pick up a shirt that was being fixed by the tailor.  Not too shabby!  I should be outside enjoying the sunshine, but since I had my brows waxed they’re a bit sensitive to the sun. I am going to wait a bit before doing my “homework” from bootcamp since it’s pretty warm out there.  I’m planning on taking it pretty easy, and icing immediately afterwards. My knee is feeling MUCH better, but I’m still nervous about doing too much at once.

Anyway, I’m watching “Definitely Maybe” because I love Ryan Reynolds.  I’m trying to keep the downstairs as cool as possible–I might have to sleep down there tonight!  It is very, very warm upstairs where I keep my computer.

It’s so warm that I split lunch into several small meals. When I got back home from my chores, I was pretty hungry. I ended up eating some cherries I bought from a roadside stand yesterday (my normal Friday evening indulgence after work) and some red grapes that were on sale at Safeway this morning.  About an hour later, I had a balsamic red onion, cheddar, and turkey quesadilla. And a LOT of very cold water 🙂