I had my first “real” workout at bootcamp today, and it definitely was a workout!  I nearly threw up during suicide sprints. I told my coworker that, but I was grinning, and she said, “What is wrong with you?”  Mmm…hard workouts.

Except, and OMG this is going to suck so bad: I was fine. Perfectly fine. Made it through my day at work, and I felt great.  And then, walking down the hills to the bus stop, the outside of my left knee said “OH HELL NO.”  It hurts to walk down hills and stairs, people.  Shit. Just…SHIT. I paid for boot camp in advance, and I will be damned if I have to miss out now.

I know what it is, even though my previous knee problems didn’t involve this: illiotibial band pain.  It’s on the outside of my knee.  I’m not really sure what to do. On one hand, I can go to boot camp and just run a little less. On the other, if I do that I might end up irritating the damn-fool thing more.

ARGH, what do I do?!  I found a website with directions on what is supposed to be a really effective ITB stretch, so I just did that.  I plan to do it again in the morning.  I’ve already iced it for ten minutes, and I’m going to do so again before I go to bed.  I’m planning to go tomorrow. I’ll walk if I have to.