First off: the weather. What the hell, Seattle?  It’s warm, overcast and humid here today.  This is as close to Kansas City summer weather as I ever want to get out here in the Northwest. I am not digging this at all.

Second: carrying around shopping bags full of stuff from the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s would have been more enjoyable had it not been for the aforementioned humidity.  Today was the University District Farmers’ Market. It happens every Saturday morning at 9am, and I finally managed to move from waking up to coffee to getting ready fast enough to make it over there. Hell, I actually made it there well before they closed down! 

Now for the title of the post: Parking in the university area can be…tricky. In the summer, it’s a mixed bag. There are fewer university students, but more people are likely to stop at the market because it’s not cold and rainy.  I parked a few blocks up, carried empty PCC Market bags there, bought a few things…and then thought, “I really don’t want to walk back up and move my car.”  So I left my car where it was, and walked several MORE blocks over to Trader Joe’s, where I stockpiled nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, etc like I’m afraid of nuclear holocaust or something. 

A little something about the walk: the market is not exactly located in the nicest of places. There’s a ton of new apartments around that area, but there are also many shelters.  It felt a little weird to be carrying organic produce and cheese past a homeless guy chanting something about eggs, another asking for change (even though I had spent my last dollar at the market and didn’t give him anything, he still said “Have a blessed day, ma’am!” If we had been closer to a restaurant I would have bought him lunch just for being so sunny) and I’m pretty sure I saw a drug deal going down behind some bushes at the Ghetto Safeway.  I felt…well, like a yuppy.  In Seattle, there’s a particular brand of yuppy: someone who drives a Subaru Outback, buys all their food from Whole Foods, wears Title 9-type clothes, and does pilates with her daughter.  I’m still a long way off. And I will never buy a Subaru. 

Back to the point: I was sweating by the time I made it back, but I felt good about it. Gas is ridiculously expensive, I just blew a TON of money on food, but I didn’t have to fight the crazy Trader Joe’s parking garage. (Everyone, I do not have an irrational fear of parking. I just fear the people who try–and fail–to park at these places. I park like a goddess. To wit: two EXCELLENT parallel parking experiences today alone.)  The humidity helped, but do did carting all THIS around: All my stuff!

Here’s a close up of the tasty, tasty jam and feta cheese I bought:

Mmmm cheese Woodring also makes a black currant jam, which is fantastic.






I also made a quesadilla from Eating Well.  It’s turkey, cheddar, and BEST OF ALL, red onions marinated in balsamic vinegar!