If I actually pull off the schedule I have planned tomorrow, it’ll be a great start to the weekend.  It includes: the farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, the library, and maybe the bookstore (double books!). 

I tried to find Honest Foods’ granola plank at PCC Markets tonight.  I searched and searched…and didn’t find anything by Honest Foods. Sadness!  I might try Whole Foods tomorrow if I get brave enough to deal with their nutty parking lot.  Picture many one-way streets and much wailing and nashing of teeth. One time, I was leaving Whole Foods and a woman started coming down the street towards me…the wrong way!  I associate Whole Foods with terror now. And gluten-free brownies.

Kashi frozen meals were cheaper there than I had seen anywhere, so I grabbed one to try. I also grabbed a new brand of Greek yogurt: Oikos. It’s vanilla, so we’ll see how I like it. 

I need to figure out something to make this weekend and next week, and my brain is just…blank.  Hopefully I’ll wake up inspired tomorrow!