The writer of one of the blogs I read regularly, Fitness Fixation, trains at one of the coolest-looking gyms I’ve ever seen in photos. And by cool I don’t mean chic or trendy. By cool I mean that it looks effective, friendly, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I had clicked on a link from her site the other day and ended up browsing around the Ice Chamber’s webpage. On it, I found this video.  Truly inspiring for those of us who want to get into kickass shape!

It’s almost enough to make me want to move back to CA.  Almost.

But then the RAINIER CHERRIES are in season and I add another “pro” to the Washington column, even though the summer temps are well below average right now. (It’s making me a little crazy.)  Anyway, I stopped at the stand this farmer sets up near the park and bought some organic Rainier cherries today. I nearly crashed the car when I saw the big sign that said “Rainier Cherries Yum!!!”