Well, I read Skinny Bitch.  Actually, I ended up skimming most of it.  It was annoying me too much to continue!  There are some good tips, like not drinking soda. 


1. The language: Look, I swear a lot.  Like a sailor, actually.  I’m trying to cut down. But I find that profanity is most effective when it is at a minimum.  A wellplaced “motherfucker” has much more impact when it’s not surrounded by tons of other curse words, you know?  The authors just layer too much in there in an attempt to be “bitchy.”

2. Pseudoscience: I’m training to be a lawyer, so I understand using the opinions that benefit your case.  That said, I feel like they didn’t discuss the other side of anything. It was their way or the highway. They push the benefits of soy, but they don’t mention that there’s controversy about soy’s link to cancer. 

3. Agenda: I truly believe that there are many ways to be healthy. The authors have an adamant vegan stance, though, and they push it hard.  They make a lot of claims about how cultures that eat dairy are not as healthy, and frankly, I don’t buy it.  Most cultures use some form of animal milk: yogurt, kefir, cheeses, etc.   Also, they don’t warn women that a vegan lifestyle can interfere with a woman’s fertility, including contributing to birth defects in her baby.  (Keep in mind that this isn’t conclusive, ok? And don’t yell at me if you’re vegan and have beautiful kids, because I am NOT a doctor. I’m just repeating what I’ve read.)

4. Viability: There were really weird supplements (something like petunia oil, I don’t really remember) suggested for women to get adequate Omega-3s and -6s.  I don’t even know where to buy such things, and I’d rather spend a little more on grass-fed beef in order to get a better balance of fats. 

Up next on the book review plan: Nina Planck’s Real Food: What to Eat and Why.  I bought it because Michael Pollan had a quotation on the cover. 

Today’s plan: go for a walk!  It’s actually sunny outside!  I did Jillian Michael’s workout yesterday, and I need to work some of the soreness out of my muscles.  I will say this for her workouts: you feel like if you stop you’re going to disappoint her. Very effective.  Also: I think I have the weakest upper body ever. Am I EVER going to be able to do full push-ups??

OH…I also bought a new cd. I am a SUCKER for dance music. I grew up listening to techno/rave stuff, and even though I am oh-so-very-old, I love having a good beat to move to when I’m working out.  David Guetta, whose CD I just bought, posts videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beGjncfEPt8  .