Bam! It’s FRIDAY!  If I were military-ish, I would yell something like “hoo-yah” or “hooyay” or whatever the hell it is military types yell out intermittently.  Also, it is the FRIDAY AFTER FINALS.  You better believe I am all atwitter at the thought of not having homework or work for an entire two days.  Yeah, you working people, you need to recognize a simple fact: undergrads might have free time, but grad students, especially law students, always have some sort of shit going on.  So summer? Makes me soooooo happy!!

I just checked Skinny Bitch out from the library, and I’ll review it once I finish reading it.  I also have Superfoods Healthstyle out, so that’s on the to do list as well. 

I’m tired, and haven’t worked out yet today. It’s tempting to just crawl into bed early and have a lovely, early start to what is supposed to be a sunny Seattle Saturday.  (Alliteration woot!)