I signed up for a four week outdoor bootcamp class yesterday!  It took me a few weeks to figure out which one to take, but I finally picked the cheaper of the two nearest my house.  I thought that they were the same price, but one offers a $50 “early bird” discount. It’s going to be intense: 4 days a week at 5:45am.

 I also finished finals for this quarter!  I celebrated with a glass of wine and a chunk of dark chocolate, and then I read a fun summer book!  The book wasn’t so great, but it didn’t have any lawyer stuff in it, so it was AWESOME.

I’ve been relying on my normal meals: curried cranberry couscous, spicy zucchini black black quesadillas and tuna wraps to make it through finals. Now, I’ll hopefully have more free time to mix it up a little!