To get me through the next few days. I hate finals.  I have a test and a paper this time around (not too bad, right?) but they’re KILLING me. Plus, they’re due early in the week. Would it kill you to space it out a bit, law school? WOULD IT?

I was trying to kill the procrastination in me–think of it like “working out as antibiotics for the mind”–and decided to try the Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred workout that is currently free OnDemand. Here’s Jillian demanding that I do more crunches:

Mean but effective (I hope)

I made my favorite Self magazine recipe the other night, and I’ve been eating leftovers ever since. It is so damn good!  A photo of potato gnocchi with shrimp and peas:

Mmm. Pillowy little bits of potato.

I took a study break last night which was lovely but probably not my best plan.  My friends and I went to go to see the Sex and the City movie, which was entertaining.  I loved laughing out loud at the clothes, and whatever it is they did to Chris Noth to de-age him? Sign me up for that procedure in about 15 years, k?