I was somewhat good today: I woke up at 5:45am and did a quick workout before I left for work. Why the morning workout, you ask? WELL, I am leaving here at 5:30am tomorrow morning to head to the airport. I’m flying to California for a wedding–my brother’s, actually.  I had an appointment for an eyebrow wax this evening and didn’t want to have to worry about working out tonight.

I actually have a ton to do, and really random odds and ends in the fridge.  I had a bagged salad that I threw chopped bell pepper and pear on with some blush wine dressing. Yeah, too lazy to make my own vinaigrette.  I made more kale chips, which I’m kinda “meh” about, and I also toasted an English muffin in an effort to use things up before I leave.

Anyway, I need to go pack now. I have NO idea what I should take with me!