Congratulations, you’re a genius! You guessed me, right?

I don’t know why I am having such difficulty getting up lately.  I am guessing that the amount of sugar I’ve been pumping into my body lately is having a negative effect.  Also, I just don’t think that I want to deal with finals and such.  I have a ginormous project at work this week that has a HUGE deadline on it, and I’m going out of town on Saturday so I can’t exactly spend the weekend working on it.

Kickboxing was horrible last night. It was a great class–the instructor is really good–but I ate too much before the class and had horrible side stitches.  Jumping jacks HURT when you have stitches, FYI. 

Today’s plan: Breakfast was pumpkin oatmeal with walnuts and honey; lunch is (more) leftover spaghetti and turkey meatballs; and dinner will likely be a quesadilla with 2% Mexican cheese, black beans and zucchini. I also bought some kale last night and am going to try the KALE CHIPS I keep seeing everywhere. So. Excited.