I shopped for groceries yesterday and bought the ingredients for a few new things, including a cranberry couscous salad and  a tuna and sundried tomato wrap. Of course, I couldn’t help but stock the ingredients for the spicy zucchini and black bean quesadillas! 

I made both the couscous and the tuna wrap stuffing last night.  I have to say, the couscous is pretty good, and the wrap was satisfying.  The wrap wasn’t too different from normal tuna salad, but I’m all for adding another source of color and vitamins to a recipe.  I’m eating the couscous for lunch right now, and I’m not sure yet how it’s going to tide me over.  I thought about bringing the tuna wrap stuffing and a tortilla along, but assembly seemed a bit daunting for a Monday! 

Today, I am going to kickboxing class.  My roommate is going, too. It’ll be her first trip back to class after some minor medical stuff, but it’s going to be her last class because she’s leaving town!

We’re supposed to see some very warm temperatures later this week, and I’m already anticipating several late afternoon and early evening walks.  That means trying to finish all my homework now so I can throw on some shorts and sunscreen later.  I have a final next week, so I think I might end up stuck in the law library most of the weekend 😦