I have a few friends who were/are in the military.  Tonight, one regaled us with stories of his days in the Marines.  Some are…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t tell them to my great aunt.  But others, especially those in his post-Marine days, are fine.  This quick little one bears on the name of my blog, which has recently been added to the dictionary. My friend’s mom was with him in a local coffee shop, and as a former English teacher she was rueful about not knowing any of the most recent additions to the dictionary.  She commented, “What on earth is a muffin top?  Why is that going in the dictionary?” My friend hastened to explain about the top of the muffin running over the sides, and how that relates to women wearing tight pants.  During his explanation, he glanced up and found a young woman eyeing him, nervously tugging her shirt down over her pants. 

He said that he should have shouted, “Well, that’s what the word that JUST WAS PUT IN THE DICTIONARY means. Not that ANYONE IN HERE is IN ANY WAY related to that phrase!!”  But apparently this poor girl left the coffee shop like the hounds of hell were after her.  (Now, yes this is bad. But he feels so badly about it months later that he told this story tonight. Aww.)

The point: yes, the muffin top doesn’t just provide one with discomfort and mess with the silhouette of your clothes. It creates socially awkward situations.  Let’s ditch the muffin top!