There are a few phrases I absolutely hate. “It could happen to anyone” when applied to something that could happen to anyone, but only in the most improbable manner.   I hate when people say, “Trust me.”  It usually indicates that you absolutely should NOT trust them.


I told my mom that I was upset about gaining weight during law school.  She said, “It could happen to anyone>” It’s true that it can and does happen to anyone—in fact, it does happen to most of us—but the phrase upset me.  Just because it can happen does not mean I should have let it happen to me.


I can’t seem to find the same balance I had when I first lost the weight.   Before law school, I had a great combination of factors: health- and weight-conscious bosses, a roommate who loved exercise and healthy recipes, and a predictable schedule.  Still, it took effort to get below 150 pounds.  But I did make it.


I wish I knew exactly why I was struggling so much now.  The lack of a workout partner does make things difficult.  I have also relapsed into eating on the couch, but I have been making strides of late to keep food away from the tv area.  I think I need to forgive myself for gaining weight, and I need to stop being so embarrassed about it.  It’s tough, though.  I’m dreading my brother’s wedding for that reason (and so many others).  BUT:  I am the one responsible for gaining, and I’m the one who hasn’t made time to work out. 


Sometimes, taking responsibility sucks!!


My plan for this week: I’ve already made a Cooking Light pasta salad that should serve as lunch for the rest of the week.  I grabbed a zucchini last night so I can make spicy black bean filling for quesadillas. I also grabbed curly endive by mistake instead of kale (oops) and am trying to figure out what in the hell I can use it for!


Tonight, I am going to kickboxing class.  On Monday, it nearly killed me! It was so hot that everyone was red-faced and exhausted by the end. Hopefully it will be better today, otherwise I am going to write an email requesting that they turn up the AC in the gym!  Tomorrow, I am planning to do some elliptical and some stationary biking (my feet have been sore from wearing heels to the office, so I’m trying to be kind to them).