Stuck, stuck, stuck in a rut, rut, rut.  My crazy as hell schedule might actually kill me this week.  But I did find a new website ( that is making me smile a bit.  It’s funny and they talk about health issues! Fun!

Yesterday was a random eating day.  I studied to the point where my eyes became bloodshot; ate a ton of mango and strawberries with TJ’s 0% greek yogurt of which I actually have a photo, it’s just at home on my camera; took a walk to the park; and last, but not least, completely forgot to plan meals and grocery shop. For the first time in ages, I did not bring a lunch to school.  EEK.

I have a test in 3 hours, so I have to get back to it. Thank god I have kickboxing tonight–I will need to let loose some stress/aggression!