My roommate offered me brownies this morning. And I actually ate one. BEFORE BREAKFAST.  I didn’t even think about it, which disgusts me a little. 

I’m going to bounce back from this, though.  I brought a sliced apple, a granola bar, leftover quinoa, and a cup of sliced fruit.  I’m going to try and avoid eating the granola bar unless I’m insanely hungry later.  For dinner, I’m going to make a pasta dish I saw online at  That is, unless my roommate makes the meatballs she was talking about.

I did kickboxing last night. She had us do circuits, which meant doing two minutes (or more) of the same thing.  The instructor doesn’t always pay close attention to the time, so sometimes you are doing side kicks for FAR too long. (And yes, that means side kicks on ONE leg only. Feel the burn!)  I’m pretty used to this by now, so I’m not too sore this time around.  I’m really working on improving my side shuffles. It’s very hard for me to go as fast as everyone else, particularly when we’re doing them in a circle.

Also: HOLY CRAP IT’S MAY.  When did that happen?  And I only have one more month left of my 2L year. Before you know it, law school will spit me out, expecting me to be a lawyer. Yikes.