My roommate had a wee little procedure done on a toe today, and is experiencing pain/bleeding beyond what they told her to expect.  So now I’m going to miss this afternoon’s class (eek) in order to drive her back and forth.  With all these crazy things going on, I am going to be missing classes right and left this quarter! 

I had pumpkin oatmeal this morning for breakfast, and for snack I had some sliced strawberries over nonfat greek yogurt (Trader Joe’s 0%, of course).  When I came home, I started to eat a piece of leftover pizza and realized that is not what my body wanted.  Instead, I pulled out some leftover zucchini and black beans, threw a little mexican blend cheese on multigrain tortillas, and made the messiest quesadilla ever.  I was so sparing with the cheese that the goodies wouldn’t stay inside!

I’m pretty full right now, which is good.  Unless the roommate’s toe falls off between now and 6:30pm–which it won’t–I’m going to kickboxing, where I will definitely need a well-fueled body.