I’m eating rather well today!  I had my normal oatmeal breakfast, and thus far had about 7 Kashi TLC crackers, a sliced apple, and a pasta salad I made yesterday.  The pasta is a multigrain rotini with flax that I bought at Trader Joe’s. Rounding out the salad part is feta, toasted walnuts, baby spinach, red onion and a homemade vinaigrette.  It’s pretty tasty, but the red onion was one of the strongest I’ve EVER had.  I love onions but was still a little taken aback!

Tonight, I have kickboxing class.  I am starting to feel a little stuffed up, but I’m still going.  If I am getting sick, I want to get in as much of a workout as possible.  I can’t work out tomorrow after work because I’ve agreed to do a friend a favor.  Damn my inability to say “No” to a friend!

I keep thinking about bringing my camera to school so I can take photos of my lunch, but there’s not really a secluded place to do that!   Maybe I can try to take photos in the morning when I’m throwing everything into my lunch bag.