So far today I’ve done errands.  I went to Trader Joe’s and had to swallow back some rage because the parking lot there is awful.  But no matter how bad the parking lot is, is there any reason to park diagonally in a space two spaces?  If you’re that bad a driver, maybe you should take the bus. I’m just sayin’. 

Now that I have that off my chest, let me tell you about my purchases!  Baby spinach, big bags of walnuts and pecans, multigrain fusilli with flax, raw almond butter, and TJ’s brand 0% greek yogurt.  At Safeway, the fruit selection sucked, but I grabbed some pears and a green apple.  I’m going to make the carrot-green apple salad again because it was so, so easy.  Like Sunday morning. Or other, less savory allusions.

Today I have to work on a group project and then I’m going to work out.  I’m going to make a pasta salad with the fusilli, feta, walnuts, baby spinach and a homemade dressing, and I’ll probably have leftover pasta casserole for dinner. Mmm!  Maybe this time I’ll remember to take photos!