I am confused. (And also tempting fate by posting from work.)  My weight seemed to be dropping without me working out; I was eating relatively well, so I thought, “Cool!”  Now, I haven’t been an angel the last two weeks, but I have been working out more.  And my weight the last 3 days has been 154.6.   Does this make any kind of sense??

I remember having a serious plateau around 150 lbs when I lost weight after graduation, but I’ve barely lost ANY weight this time. How could I be having a plateau already?!

I’m going to keep on counting my calories, trying new veggies, and staying away from alcohol and pastries.  I made up a little workout schedule, and I’m going to try and treat it like a job.  Fortunately, the weather should get better which means that I can walk the very hilly neighborhood; plus, I am slowly increasing my running time.  Once I manage to run 30 minutes straight without any knee problems, I am signing up for a 5k!

Today is going to be a challenge. I had pumpkin oatmeal (mmm) but without any nuts (doh), and I’m having lunch with an attorney this afternoon.  I packed a 90 calorie granola bar and a sliced apple, so I have no excuse to hit Starbucks this afternoon.  I just have to make healthy choices AT lunch. Then, the BIG challenge: happy hour and the movies with my friends!  We’re having “dinner” at happy hour so I have a little more leeway: one drink and shared appetizers.

See you all later!