I love Ali. I am so inspired by how she has rediscovered her athletic side, and I am ECSTATIC that she is the first female Biggest Loser.  Now that we’ve had one, I expect even more!  Also, THRILLED that Bernie got the at-home contest. Pretty great.

Ironically, my day totally derailed after I got home, right around the time that Biggest Loser started.  I began my day with a bowl of oatmeal and was so full I didn’t even think about having a mid-morning snack.  I had more ranch beans (a small amount) and carrot, green apple and mint salad for lunch.  I ate a sliced apple at work because I was starving.

And then: I got my favorite soup! Mmmm.  I wish I hadn’t bought the medium size; I thought I could restrain myself and only eat half, but I was SO hungry and it was SO tasty that I ate the whole thing!  I split a thing of grocery store sushi with my roomie, and then the REAL trouble started. 

I will only say this: Lorna Doones.  And now I will go hide in a corner and be ashamed of myself.


OH: 1st day of kickboxing yesterday was SLOW.  I wish it was all the same people; then, we could have bypassed the lessons on form and headed straight for the sweaty fun.  My friend and I were doing extra jumps and stuff to get our heart rates up.