I’m a little nervous about this. Granted, it’s the first day and that involves paperwork. Ugh. I usually use my passport, but I just sent it in to be renewed (of course).  And I have no idea where my social security card is. My parents had it for quite some time, but maybe they gave it to me?  Sigh.

This morning’s breakfast: an egg mcmuffin!  Haha, just kidding. It was oatmeals with pears and pecans, of course!  I needed something that would keep me full while I worried away my morning.

I weighed myself this morning, and the scale read 151.0 lbs. Interesting. Maybe my preoccupation with work and school is helping the pounds melt away already!  I am looking forward to being busy.  I know that this quarter is going to force me to plan ahead and get things done on time, which is just the kick in the ass that I needed!