I occasionally watch Biggest Loser, but this season I’ve caught more episodes than normal. How frickin AWESOME was it that TWO women were above the yellow line??  I swear to god, if a man wins this one I will be pissed.  I think they need to revamp this show to acknowledge the fundamental differences between men and women.

I was watching the show and working out, so I ended up doing more than I had planned. Final total: 37 minutes on the elliptical, then 10 on the stationary bike.  It felt great! I think I freaked out the guy on the treadmill by yelling, “HELL YEAH!!” when the girls weighed in though, but then I figured, “Oh well, his heart rate could use the push since he’s barely running.”  I helped the guy out.

I weighed in this morning after my weekend of non-stop eating: 152.2 lbs. You better believe that number is going DOWN.