Please, please let this class end early!!  I am in desperate need of a nap. I must have tossed and turned much longer than I thought last night. 

This morning, I did my normal pear oatmeal. Mmm. I have been throwing sliced almonds AND some pecans on top of late. I have to restrain myself from putting the entire bag of pecans in the bowl, I love them so much!

Lunch was (more) leftover oatmeal and one cup of zucchini and onions that had been sauteed in a teeny bit of butter and olive oil.  In a desperate effort to wake myself up, I ate a 90-calorie granola bar about 20 minutes ago.  Yeah, even the chocolate chunks are not helping!

Tonight, I have to finish some reading, take a nap, workout, shower, eat dinner, and head over to my friend’s birthday party.  Somehow I think a few of those things are just NOT going to get done!