I found some Rome apples!  I am hoping that they’ll soften when I cook them with my oatmeal tomorrow. I’m going to throw some cinnamon in and see if it tastes a bit like apple pie.  If this works, I might even buy some applesauce to really up the apple flavor!

I didn’t work out tonight.  School + chores + anxiety spike about my new job totally derailed me. I can’t wait until kickboxing starts up again.  My endorphin addiction will start demanding more workouts!

In other news, I’m starting to crave pineapple. Summer is coming, albeit waaaaaaay too slowly.  I can never eat as much pineapple as I want (I’m slightly allergic, I think, and my mouth gets itchy) but I still savor every last piece. Mmm.  Don’t even get me started on grilled veggie sandwiches with herbed light mayo or hummus!