But instead I’m mired in reading hell.  I am promising myself that once I finish the reading for two classes, I can go work out. It’ll be a nice reward!

I made a recipe from Eat, Drink and Weigh Less this afternoon and I totally messed it up!  It was supposed to be Madras curry vegetables.  I wasn’t paying attention and I put in cumin instead of curry.  It still tastes okay but I’m going to sprinkle a little curry on my leftovers.  Oops!  The recipe has onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflowers and diced tomatoes–a great combo of vegetables.  I’ll be making it again as a nice high volume meal!

Yesterday, I made turkey meatloaf from Ellie Krieger’s Food You Crave.  The recipe is ok, but it’s not super-tasty.  I have been eating a little bit here and there when I want some protein.  The meatloaf makes a  a great leftover food, so I’ll be packing it and the curry (ahem, cumin) veggies for lunch tomorrow.