There was a box of See’s Candy at school today, and I grabbed the first one I saw, took a nibble, and nearly spit it across the room during class.  Ugh. It was a weird marshmellow-fruit thing, and it was terrible.  I was upset until I realized that the grossness saved me an unknown number of calories!

This morning was my normal pear oatmeal concoction, this time with pecans AND almonds on top.  I had half a bagel (damn free food) during one of my classes and an americano with skim milk.  For lunch, I heated up the curried veggies and meatloaf but the veggies never got hot. I ended up eating only the meatloaf, and have been full all afternoon.  Yay protein!

Tonight I have to make another run to the grocery store. The fruit selection at Safeway was meager this weekend, and I NEED more pears and apples. 

I have a random mix of salad at home that I think I’ll toss together–I bought a package of baby spinach and got a free salad–and MORE meatloaf.  I did get a free Chipotle burrito today but forgot to stick it in the school fridge, and I don’t particularly want my tombstone to read “victim of death burrito.”

In other news, The Hot Librarian is posting again and I. Am. So. Glad. Her post today made me giggle out loud in employment law and had the professor eyeing me suspiciously.