After a week of vacation and indifference, I finally jumped back on the treadmill yesterday. It felt pretty good, until I stepped off. My first thought? “Damn, I should have started working out sooner!” After 35 minutes of run/walk intervals, the signs were there: I knew I would be sore tomorrow (um that’s today now).

Despite that, I wanted to get some leg work in so I did the first section of the Self Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast workout. I finished that part and thought about moving on…but then realized that since I needed to be able to walk to class, I should stop while I was ahead.

I realized that my hip flexors are super tight again. I NEED to focus on stretching them out, or I’m pretty sure that I’ll end up with knee problems again.

BOOK REVIEW!! Well, cookbook review. I had Kathleen Daelemans’ Getting Thin and Loving Food out for a few weeks. It was not my favorite cookbook: the organization was somewhat strange, and the recipe I tried did not turn out anywhere near my (admittedly high) expectations. Since I was running out of time, I just returned the book to the library. Unless you’re a big fan of her FoodNetwork show, I’d pass on this one.

I just checked out Mollie Katzen’s Eat, Drink & Weigh Less and I think I will like it much better than Daelemans’ book. I’ve been dying to try a recipe with bulgur, and her cookbook should definitely have at least one such recipe.

In very UNHEALTHY news, a local Seattle cupcake shop is going to be featured on Martha Stewart on Thursday afternoon. Trophy Cupcake is a favorite for most of us here, if only for inspiration! (During the summer I try to make healthier versions.)