Doesn’t the post title sound like some crazy sort of disease? You might wonder what on earth it means!! Basically, it refers to a manner of distributing someone’s estate after they die without a will (or how to distribute the portion that wasn’t covered by the will). But of course every state has a different scheme for where the $$ goes first! Lesson: leave a will or another estate plan, especially you don’t have a large family. Or all your money will escheat (that means the state gets it!).

Parceling out fictional wealth has me thinking about meal planning. I was doing alright at the beginning of the week but a few setbacks had me a little lost! I have to run to the store today in between studying, studying, exercising, studying and MORE studying. I’m planning to pick up some different oatmeal mix-ins for a round of experiments. I’m definitely going to try a banana and a Rome apple. I tried Bosc pears this week, and they turned out well! Ripe Bartletts definitely get a little softer, though. I haven’t decided what else to make even though I still have Ellie Krieger’s cookbook here, and I also picked up Kathleen Daelemans’ Getting Thing and Loving Food. I just haven’t had time!

Anyway, I desperately need to review trusts. When my brain is leaking out my ears later, maybe I’ll hop back online to update about my lunch, etc.